Professional Memberships
• American Academy of Equine Art - Juried Member - 2014-Present
• Goshen Art League - 2020-Present

A dreamer and an artist, Kelly Adair Rose is a country girl to the core. A lover of all things beautiful, especially horses, she is mother of a water crazy Labrador Retriever and a hound mix. Her art talents started at a young age and bloomed while enrolled at Centenary University in NJ. There, her skills evolved from coloring book doodles to award winning works of art.

After Centenary, Kelly started putting more hours into her artwork while working at the Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame. This job surrounded her with horses all day, but in the form of artwork and memorabilia. Kelly enjoyed the work she did there and learned a bit more about herself and what she loved about equine art. Studying original works by Richard Stone Reeves and others was a daily habbit and made a huge impact on the direction Kelly’s artwork would go.

It’s no secret that Kelly has an impressive list of art show accomplishments under her belt. She started showing her artwork in 2003 at a local county fair and she hasn’t looked back. She wanted to get noticed for her ability to capture the beauty of the horse through unique composition and a simplistic style. “I was recently told by someone viewing my artwork that it was like the horse was my second skin. I love what that woman said and that’s exactly the emotion I want to get across to everyone. The horse is a part of me that I can’t verbally describe. So, I sit down in front of my drawing table with a pencil and paper and draw and I want to share that with EVERYONE!”
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